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We do it differently and you save money and aggravation. Our copier programs are month to month, no long term contracts! If your business situation changes, you can cancel or change your program without penalty.

If you purchase or lease a copier from our competitors, you are committed to your contract for a 3 – 5 year obligation.

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With Professional Office Systems We offer copiers, fax machines, scanners and collaters just as they do. We offer a month to month commitment, they offer 3 -5 year commitment.

With Professional Office Systems you can cancel with 30 day notice, the other guys have no cancellation options.

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You can have a state of the art copier, scanner or fax machine for as little as $75. Per month with no commitment to buy. With our month to month contract, if your machine breaks you’re not stuck buying it – we replace it!

You deal firsthand with the owner! Are you ready to experience stress-free printing? Contact Us today!

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We want you to be happy! It has been our experience that many of our competitors are not as responsive to your needs when you are committed to a 3 – 5 year contract. Because our contracts are month to month, the responsibility lies with us to keep your machine working properly, and to provide you with fast and efficient service. If we can’t repair the machine, we will quickly replace it. For you it’s a win – win.

  • Always explore all of the options available and talk with different vendors. This is an important business decision that affects your company’s cost savings and sustainability, so don’t take it lightly. Making an informed decision prevents you from getting locked into an arrangement you didn’t need or expect.
  • Always request and verify business references for any company that you’re dealing with. Similar to many industries, we’ve seen rogue operators or businesses that exist simply to take advantage of customer who don’t take time to do some research. A good thing to review is a company’s testimonial page on its website.
  • Always have the option to cancel services within a reasonable time frame with no penalties. At Professional Office Systems, we only require a 30-day advance warning to terminate any service. Don’t get trapped in an agreement that is detrimental or counterproductive to your business operations.
  • Always read the fine print. Don’t sign anything that limits your ability to alter or cancel your contract. These items are typically tucked away inside the lease and are often overlooked.

  • Never agree to a 3 – 5 year lease for office equipment. This will severely limit your capabilities as the technology and your business changes.
  • Never bundle maintenance and supplies into your equipment lease. You will pay high interest rates on routine supplies and service for the duration of your contract.
  • Never commit to a lease without understanding the continuance options at the end of the contract. Some possibilities range from returning the equipment, to paying 15 percent of the original price for a buyout, or committing to another long-term lease.

A monthly plan for every need.

You won’t have to worry about whether our plans are affordable. We have a monthly plan to accommodate every need. Unlike our competitors in the industry, we take the time to assess your business needs up front, but we expect those efficiencies to change as your business does. Our programs are designed to keep your operating costs down and productivity up.

Individualized for each customer, we focus on getting you the equipment you require without a long-term contract. You can feel comfortable with a monthly plan that has no penalties, no hidden fees, and is one low price. Whether you choose a new or remanufactured office machine, Professional Office Systems will accommodate your business with outstanding customer service.


Frustration is personified when your printer faces another paper jam or fails to print, especially when you’re in no position to purchase another one. Wouldn’t it be easier if you simply rented your printer and upgraded it when it was time to get a new one? That’s not wishful thinking that’s the new reality.

Professional Office Systems is a locally owned business that sells, leases, and services office machines, including copiers, fax machines, and printers. We stock and sell a variety of new and remanufactured equipment to fit any office need. While we offer printers to sell, we are most known for offering the most flexible, low-risk monthly rental plans of any dealer in Wilmington, North Carolina and its surrounding areas.

Our service sets us apart

There’s nothing worse than being stuck with a malfunctioning printer without any help from customer service. That won’t happen with Professional Office Systems. You’ll deal firsthand with the owner, Chris Puryear, who has worked with office machines for over 30 years. No inexperienced sales staff or overselling you products that you don’t need.

The responsibility lies with us to keep your machine functioning properly, whether that means repair or replace it. All of this at just one low price that includes setup, delivery, training, service, and supplies. There is no commitment or risk – change or cancel your program without penalty. We understand the needs of your business can change and we pledge to find the best machine to get the job done, no matter if it’s for one month, one day, or even one hour.

Are you ready to experience stress-free printing? Contact Us today!

Our Happy Clients

We just wanted to thank you for being such an awesome vendor! Your prompt and reliable service has been an incredible asset to our organization. In addition, your service has been a true pleasure to work with. Personal and pleasant are just two of the words we would use to describe it! Professional Office Systems does great work!
Masonboro Urgent Care
Town & Country Real Estate has been a client of Professional Office Systems for over a decade. They are absolutely the best in the business. From upgrading to consolidating, and emergency “I can’t print” moments, Chris and Kenny provide an all-around service that keeps our day to day activities effortless. Professional Office Systems are always quick to respond and you can’t beat their competitive pricing!
Jenna Toomey, Broker/Assistant to Todd Toconis, Town & Country Real Estate
The quality and promptness of service at Professional Office Systems are exemplary. All of our copying needs are meet with the upmost satisfaction. We love Kenny!
Beth Upton, Director, Wilmington Academy of Arts and Sciences
We began our business in 2012 and have rented the same Kyocera copier/fax/scanner from Professional Office Systems since our inception. We are a relatively small business but operate on a high volume of documents, electronic and paper. It has more than served our needs and it has proven to be a tremendous dependable piece of equipment. The staff at Professional Office Systems has always been very responsive and professional. We are very pleased with our Kyocera and the professional staff of Professional Office Systems.
P.S. Buskirk, President, Buskirk Construction, Inc.
We have been a customer of Professional Office Systems for 17 plus years and have always received excellent service in the timeliest manner. Chris Puryear is professional and knowledgeable. He has always been extremely prompt in providing service to our equipment as well as assisting us in replacing/updating our copier. I would highly recommend Professional Office Systems for any and all office equipment needs.
Mary A Geibel, Miles Surgical, PLLC
In 2014, we found ourselves at the end of a five-year lease agreement for a copier/network printer that was literally breaking our budget. In the process of searching for a better arrangement, we discovered Professional Office Systems and the concept of month-to-month renting. After meeting with you, the concept seemed as the saying goes, to good to be true. To be completely transparent, I was suspicious! Nevertheless, we decided to give it a try and take a chance on your and your company. Now, more than two years later, I am pleased to report that only were you truthful in your claims and promises, we found Professional Office Systems to be much better than anticipated! We have consistently seen our costs drop to less than half of our previous arrangement for an equivalent machine. However, we have also experienced the excellent service and response whenever we’ve had a problem. In other words, you fulfilled every promise, lived up to every claim and quite simply; you did everything you promised and more! Chris, I will never forget something you said to me in our first meeting, which was, “We have to earn your business every month.” Without reservation, I can affirm that you and your entire staff have lived up to that standard and have earned a loyal customer in the process. I can recommend to anyone that Chris Puryear and Professional Office Systems should be the company of choice for your next office machine or system!
Our relationship with Chris Puryear at Professional Office Systems has been continuous for over 15 years. This has been a very positive experience. Anytime my agency has a question or need for service Professional Office Systems has always responded promptly and thoroughly. We would highly recommend Professional Office Systems.
Danny Harrell, LCAS, Director, D & A Assessments, Inc.